IKEA has their pumpkins rotting at the storefront.

Fortinos has far more pumpkins than in-store customers.

Neighbors say they’re not allowing their kids to go trick or treating this year.

Apple Store is welcoming the first iPhone 12 box opener, who’s masked like the other dozens of onlookers so you have no clue who on earth that lucky funky guy / girl is.

I guess it will definitely be interesting to shoot day-to-day footage now and watch it dacades after.

I’m wondering why Apple One will not incorporate Apple Books. I’m aware that it is the only service relying on a non-subscription mode. But maybe Apple could change its mind and turn Apple Books into something like Kindle Unlimited and make it part of Apple One.

Wearing no face masks and blatantly defying social distancing rules at will, mannequins are much happier than us lesser mortals.

📍 Apple Mapleview Centre
900 Maple Ave
Burlington, ON
Canada [map]

I forced the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Channel to 1 with transmit power decreased to 25%, 5 GHz Channel to 44 with 75% power, and the entire Sonos system to 11.

Every little gadget in the house works well. So far so good!