Face masks curb COVID-19 but add barriers for the deaf.

Home quarantine curbs COVID-19 but aggravates domestic violence.

If you can go into quarantine and wear a face mask without any problem, you should count yourself fortunate and feel blessed.

We empathize with Americans who are dying to escape from their COVID-ridden motherland. But please be empathetic towards Canadians, too, who are literally avoiding Americans like the plague!


Normally, I spend more than 60 seconds on a stupid reCAPTCHA verification process. This is utterly inhumane. More human intelligence is called for to design a clever alternative and terminate this funny service.

The Face Covering Conjecture is still the hardest unsolved question in the Western world. Even the Collatz Conjecture and Goldbach’s Conjecture pale by comparison.

Is he an idiot? I’m sorry to see him and people alike pathetically torn between masking and not masking.

www.cp24.com/mobile/news/tory-wants-gta-wide-agreement-on-encouraging-mask-use-1.5003913 MUST-READ (1 min) Tory wants GTA-wide agreement on encouraging mask use (by Chris Herhalt)

Toronto Mayor John Tory says he wants a GTA-wide agreement requiring or encouraging mask use in most settings, as area mayors plan to meet virtually on Monday. “People have come to understand that the best way you can protect other people from the possibility you have the virus and are spreading it through water droplets is wearing a mask,” Tory told CP24. … ⇢ Read more